"A little piece of heaven "

Vicar: Rev Elaine Jessiman

Churchwardens:  Mrs Helen Jarrett Tel. 01694 751463 ; Mrs Bridget Naylor Tel. 01694 751249

Services at St. Michael’s

1st Sunday in the month 10.30 a.m.

A group service of Holy Communion is held at each of the six churches (Smethcott, Leebotwood, Woolstaston Longnor, Stapleton and Dorrington) in turn

2nd Sunday in the month 10 a.m.

All Age Worship. A short modern language service suitable for all age groups, with lively hymns accompanied by a band. Refreshments are served afterwards. From time to time this service takes place in Picklescott Village Hall with breakfast to follow.

3rd Sunday in the month 6.30 p.m.

Evensong. A traditional service from the Book of Common Prayer

4th Sunday in the month 11.15 a.m.

Holy Communion. This is usually a modern language service from Common Worship, but four times a year the traditional Prayer Book service is used.

Where there is a fifth Sunday in the month there is another group service held at each of the six parishes in turn. From time to time, services are also held in the village hall at Picklescott, with breakfast to follow. For special services such as Easter, Harvest and Christmas, please see the Parish magazine. So what are you waiting for? Even if you don’t normally “do church” try Smethcote!

"came to admire, found peace "

Smethcote Church, though rebuilt in 1850, contains some original features and has stood on the present site since at least the 12th Century. To the west of the church is the mound of a motte-and-bailey castle which commanded the road in the valley below.

The church is not mentioned in any records before 1341, but the building still retains some 12th century features and there was almost certainly a church here even earlier. In the thirteenth century, a certain Roger Clericus, resident in Smethcote in 1262, may well have been the rector.

There are several details that point to an early date for the church, such as the blocked north doorway of the nave, which has a lintel like a semicircular tympanum. The priest's doorway is of the same character, though the lintel has a slightly different form. There is a small Norman window in the north wall of the chancel. Four stones, found in the old structure and supposedly belonging to an even older, Norman church are built into the north and south walls.


The font is a remarkable oblong structure of very early date. The basin is 2'1" by 1'10" at the top and 1'6" by 1'2" at the bottom and is 1' deep. It still has the old cover and one of the staples through which the fastening was placed.

Gradually, over the centuries, the church fell into disrepair and in 1850 it was almost entirely rebuilt. The architect for the rebuilding was J.P. Harrison Esq. M.A. (late of Christ Church, Oxford). The first stone was laid on 5th June 1849 by the rector's wife, Mrs. Buddicom (daughter and heiress of William Pinches of Ticklerton). The work was carried out by local craftsmen, working from the drawings sent by the architect.  The roof was taken down and reconstructed in hammer beam form, partly with the old timber and partly with new oak. It was the design and workmanship of William Hill, also known as Carver Hill, of Smethcott Bank, whose work can also be seen in Woolstaston church and rectory and Netley Hall.

Parts of the west and south walls are old and the rest was rebuilt of old stone. The rough stone came from a quarry in the dingle north of the church and the rest from Hoar edge behind the Lawley. The window stone is Grinshill stone

The width of the church is the same as that of the old one but it is five and a half feet longer, the former building having reached only to a point marked by an upright joint in the north wall of the chancel east of the little lancet window. This window was taken down and then carefully replaced stone by stone. The chancel window on the south side is a copy of an old one, which was too damaged to be reinserted after rebuilding. Similarly, the long stone originally over the south door was broken and so a new arch was substituted for it.

The beam at the entrance to the chapel has a small hole underneath it in the middle and this, together with the arrangement of the moulding around it seems to suggest that it was the base of the rood beam. It may be, however, that the mark only indicates a place for hanging a lamp.

The pews were probably constructed in 1850 but they incorporate pieces of 17th century oak panelling. Before 1850, the church had a small gallery at the west end, but this was not included into the rebuilt structure. The altar rails are probably the work of William Hill, but the pulpit and lectern are more recent. The sanctuary was panelled in oak in 1952.

There is a small wooden bell turret at the West end, replacing an earlier brick built one. The church had two bells in 1552. They were recast in 1789 but one of them was cracked by 1823 and was recast again in 1850.

On the 27th June 1850, the rebuilt church was finally opened in the presence of the Bishop of Lichfield, Dr. Lonsdale, who preached the sermon. The cost of the rebuilding was £650

The rector of Smethcote, the Reverend R. J. Buddicom wrote; "Most truly thankful ought we to be that it pleased God to put into our hearts the good desire of rebuilding his house and also that he was graciously pleased to enable us, without loss of life or injury of limb to anyone concerned, to bring the same to good effect".

The altar frontal and pulpit fall were embroidered on pure silk by the late Marjorie Jackson, a regular worshipper, as a memorial to Frances May Evans, a well beloved organist for many years. The wedding kneelers are also examples of her fine needlework. The organist's cushion and pew kneelers have been worked by members of the congregation.

The children’s corner was created by removing some worm-ridden old pews at the back of the church and creating some storage in the remaining ones. The area has been carpeted and provided with quiet toys and playthings and scripture themed books and activities. The children’s corner is well used by younger members of the congregation and also provides space for wheelchair users and others with mobility difficulties.

The parish register commences in 1609, with the earlier entries being in Latin. As well as details of births, deaths and marriages, which give a fascinating and sometimes touching glimpse of the past, they also contain some interesting accounts such as the restoration of the church and the setting aside of a certain number of pews for use by the poor.

There is also a description of a court case in 1749 concerning a dispute over who had the right to present the living of Smethcote to the candidate of their choice. The judgment resulted in the removal of the usurping rector and the induction of the rightful candidate "to the universal joy and satisfaction of all haters of oppression and wrong, and of all true lovers of Truth, Justice, Honesty and Virtue"!

Smethcote Parish lies in the rural deanery and historic hundred of Condover and is now in the diocese of Hereford. In 1929, the living was united with Woolstaston, and from 1955 onwards it was served by the rector of Pulverbatch. More recently, it became part of a united benefice of six parishes along with Dorrington, Leebotwood, Longnor, Stapleton and Woolstaston. Smethcote has an electoral register of seventy-two.

Concern is often expressed these days about falling church attendance, so it is interesting to note that there were only four Holy Communion services held at Smethcote in 1847, with only twenty one communicants, whereas during the 1990s, Smethcott held about ten services of Holy Communion each year, averaging around twenty communicants.

The church apparently had a choir around this time, whose members were paid £1 a year. Accompaniment was provided by a bass viol played by the versatile Mr. William Hill, the carver. In 1822 and 1823, and from 1832 to 1847 there was also a Sunday school, attended by up to thirty children.


While carrying out restoration work on the Roll of Honour a sheet of paper was discovered hidden at the back of the frame. The original has been returned to it's hiding place. The list identifies all those from Smethcote Parish who fought in the Great War.

Judging by old church records, the handwriting is that of the Reverend W. R. Blackett. Sadly, the first name he wrote on the list was that of his own son.


The lectern in Smethcote Church was made by a local craftsman, Mr. George Ball. His widow Janet remembered her husband talking about a note he wrote and hid under the brass plate on the lectern. The note has been returned to the lectern.

 "I, George Raymond Ball aged 30 years made this entirely by hand at the Gate House Picklescote Salop completed for Easter 1950. It is made from old beams and rafters from an old barn recently converted to a house near the Column Shrewsbury and some from a demolished outbuilding at 'Lawton' Racing Stable Ludlow Salop owner W. Hide. I sincerely hope that when this comes to light of day again there will be no food rationing and Govt 'Red Tape' and prosperity the world over. I am a carpenter born and bred at Burton - on - Trent Staffs married to Janet Parry 1942 having two daughters Jane and Ann. Eight years now and no prospect of a home of our own. Taxes, Permits Restrictions are the plague of our lives. "


G. R. Ball  


  •  A little piece of heaven

  •  Lovely warm church, friendly feeling

  •  Has any church in England got such a view?

  •  Came to admire, found peace

  •  A hidden treasure

  •  What a lovely spot - God laid his hand a little nearer

  •  Restored to my peace again

  •  I was christened here

  •  What a peaceful place


The first recorded day school in the parish was in Picklescott in 1799, kept by Thomas Hill and supported by the rector, the curate and the lord of the manor, but it apparently closed after Hill's death in 1809. There were two private schools in the parish in 1818 but they seem to have closed by 1823.

In 1833 there were three schools in the parish, partly funded by the Reverend Henry Fletcher, whose charitable trust continues to provide funding for educational and other purposes to this very day. In 1843, twenty-five children, including some from Woolstaston and Church Stretton attended the day school. In 1867 a new school was built in Smethcott, on a site provided by the Lord of the Manor. It was originally supported by Fletcher's charity and other parish charities and by voluntary contributions but by 1893 it was financed by a Government grant as elementary education was by this time compulsory.

It became a Church of England controlled school in 1954. Although attendance was between 50 and 60 in the years 1900 to 1913, it had fallen to 16 in 1963 and in 1964 the school was closed and the children transferred to Longnor school. The building is now a private residence.


To the west of the church is the mound of a motte and bailey castle, obviously designed to command the road in the valley below. The original village probably lay along this road, northeastward from Bran Mill. There are traces of a heart shaped bailey, with the mount on the north and one third within its circuit. The mount is circular with a table top and has no fosse. The bailey has a scarp or steep slope 8 feet in height but there is no sign of either a rampart or a ditch.

The castle ceased to be the residence of the lords of the manor after about 1272 when it passed to the Burnells of Acton Burnell and by 1315 no manorial buildings remained. The top of the motte was removed in about 1764 when the gravel was used for road repairs. Excavations on the site in the 1950s produced early 13th century pottery and the foundations of a horseshoe shaped stone structure.  


Monumental Inscriptions


St. Michael’s Church


1746 –1986

  Transcribed and indexed by Denis George 1988


1.      Anne GROVES, died 28 February 1876 aged 42. Also William her husband, died 22 December 1915 aged 84. Both of Brompton.


2.      Alice Jane wife of Thomas Groves WAINWRIGHT of Walkmills, died 22 May 1871 aged 26. Also Annie, died 26 April 1870 aged 1 year, Also Catherine, died 14 November 1870 aged 3 years. Also Thomas Groves WAINWRIGHT 3 November 1915 aged 77 at Ackleton.


3.      John SAYERS, The Slade, Picklescote died 29 April 1929 aged 80. Also Frances SAYERS died 24 March 1938 aged 84.


4.      George MIDDLETON, The Old Rectory Farm died 11 September 1931 aged 66. Also Ellen his wife, died 5 December 1954 aged 79.


5.      Letitia Sarah MIDDLETON, died 23 February 1925 aged 82. Also Henry James her husband, of Padmore (late New House) died 9 October 1941 aged 84.


6.      Martha MIDDLETON, Old Rectory, Smethcote, died 1 September 1909 aged 75. Also George her husband, died 16 January 1912 aged 89.


7.      Sidney HOTCHKISS born 15 January 1893 died 2 July 1897.


8.      Mary HOTCHKISS (late of All Stretton) died 21 August 1870 aged 26. Also Richard her husband, died 12 May 1921 aged 84.


9.      Alfred BROMLEY, died 20 March 1905 aged 55. Also Mary his wife, born 11 March 1848 died 31 October 1919.


10.   Mary HOTCHKISS of Picklescote, died 21 February 1919 aged 80. Also James her husband, died 26 February 1919 aged 80.


11.   Edith Lilly DAVIES, died 27 March 1918 aged 34. Also Constance Ellen her daughter, died 16 September 1915 aged 2 years.


12.   Mary DAVIES of Pogan Hall in this Parish, died 3 June 1889 aged 80. Also Charles ROGERS, late of Abcott, her brother died 19 October 1892 aged 85 at Pogan Hall. Also William DAVIES, husband of Mary, died 24 April 1893 aged 84. Also Mary, daughter of William and Mary DAVIES died 23 July 1902 aged 52.


13.   Edwin DAVIES, died 2 June 1896 aged 52. Also Edith his daughter, died 26 August 1896 (No age). Also Mary his wife died 10 December 1914 aged 76.


14.  WILLIAM PARKINSON, died 4 August 1908 Aged 57. Also Mary his wife died 1 July 1921 aged 69. Also Cyril William their grandson died 7 January 1921 aged 1 year 4 months.


15.   Samuel PREEN of Lebtwood, died 7 March 1938 aged 81. Also Ellen his wife, died 17 January 1940 aged 80. Also Edith Nellie their daughter died 29 September 1928 aged 32.


16.   James MATHEWS died 29 July 1922 aged 53. Also Jean MATHEWS died 7 December 1935 aged 80.


17.   Arthur Frank PREEN, died 6 May 1960 aged 69. Also Agnes Annie PREEN, died 1 September 1984 aged 92.


18.   Jane MATHEWS, died 10 July 1948 aged 81. Also Annie MATHEWS died 22 October 1949 aged 84. Also Agnes MATHEWS, died 26 June 1959 aged 87.


19.   Jane MATHEWS of Smethcote, died 28 February 1895 aged 63. Also Thomas her husband, died 21 March 1909 aged 83. Also John WILKES died 4 May 1905 aged 85.


20.   Ann MUNSLOW? Died 19 November? aged 26 or 96. Also Eliza Elizabeth her daughter? died 26 June 18?? Aged? months.


21.   Kenneth William HANNAFORD. 1913 – 1984.


22.   Walter and Margery ECCLES of Picklescott both died 1982.


23.   Geoff PARRY 1927 –1981 husband and father.


24.   Winifred Kathline TUKE, died 11 December 1931 aged 52. Also Francis Edward TUKE, Rector of Smethcote and Woolstaston 1929 – 1952, died 19 December 1957 aged 75. 


25.   George son of…….25 ? 1906 aged 24. Also Mary Ann his sister died 17 December 1914 aged 18. Also James MORRIS died 20 September 1926 aged 75. Also Sarah his wife, died 24 September 1945 aged 89.  

26.   James MORGAN of Batchcote, died 19 August 1926 aged 51. Also Elizabeth Hannah his wife, died 11 December aged 86.


27.   Harriet, wife of the late Richard PUGH, died 27 February 1917 at Hall Farm, Picklescote aged 77.


28.   War Memorial showing the same names as shown on the Roll of Honour in the Church.


29.   Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of David and Ethel DAVIES, aged 18 months


30.   Susannah CHIDLEY, died 3 July 1902 aged 64. Also Edward, her husband, died 18 February 1905 aged 62.


31.   Mary Ann, wife of Francis Wall BROMLEY of Picklescote, died 10 December 1911 aged 70.


32.   John PREECE, late stationmaster at Marshbrook died 19 December 1951 aged 74. Also Florence his wife died 7 May 1954 aged 77.


33.   Thomas PREECE of Leebotwood did 31 October 1905 aged 70. Also Elizabeth his wife, died 3 December 1922 aged 84.


34.   Edward PREECE died 28 July 1893 aged 56. Also Ann PREECE died 14 August 1914 aged 67.


35.   Thomas Minton VAUGHAN of Smethcote died 14 October 1852 aged 65. Also Charlotte his wife, died 6 January 1867 aged 67.


36.   Samuel GLOVER, surgeon, of Dorrington, died 28 August 1866 aged 79. Also Sarah wife of Samuel GLOVER of Longden, died 18 August 1838 aged 44.


37.   Ellen, daughter of Edward and Mary GAMBLE, died 25 February 1853 aged 5 months. Also Edward GAMBLE died 11 March 1868 aged 54. Also Anne GAMBLE died 14 August 1889 aged 68. Also Henry GAMBLE of Picklescott, died at Wynberg, South Africa, 9 June 1891 aged 41.


38.   Richard ROGERS of New House, Smethcott, died 10 March 1878 aged 76.


39.   Mary Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Sarah HOWELLS, died 14 January aged 5. Also Thomas son of (no more visible).


40.   Frances Margaret, daughter of John and Fanny PINCHES of Smethcote Bank, died 29 December 1907 aged 9. Also Thomas PINCHES, died in France 12 October 1917 aged 29.


41.   John ROGERS, New House, Smethcote, died 20 December 1881 aged 43. Also Mary ROGERS died 30 May 1905 aged 59.


42.   Mary OVERTON died 31 January 1909 aged 52. Also Frederick, her son, died 12 December 1910 aged 31. Also John her husband, died 3 September 1941 aged 83.


43.   Ann HILL, The Homestead, Picklescott, died 5 July 1962 aged 86.


44.   Edward, son of William and Catherine GROVES of Walk Mills, died 14 October aged 1 year.


45.   Charles VAUGHAN, late of Walk Mills, died 27 January 1842 aged 74.


46.   Stephen JARRETT died 18 May 18?8 aged 38 ?. Also Catherine his wife, died 8 August 1874 aged 70.


47.   Mary Ann BROMLEY daughter of William and Maria CRAIG died 18 October 1875 aged ?5.


48.   William CRAIG died 30 June 1871 aged 68. Also Robert Heynes CRAIG his son, died 22 November 1858 aged 25, at Beechworth, Australia.


49.   Mary BROMLEY of Picklescott, died 15 November 1882 aged 77 (remainder not visible)


50.   Amelia MUDDLE, died 4 February 1947 aged 86.


51.   Thomas JONES died 11 December 1946 aged 82.


52.   William Edward JONES born 10 September 1885 at Heton Park, Nr Manchester, died 6 July 1902 at Smethcote, only son of Robert and Martha JONES. Also Martha JONES wife of Robert, died at Smethcote 23 April 1907 aged 50.


53.   Ivy JENKS, died 5 July 1907 aged 9. Also Edwin BROOKES husband of Jane Jenks BROOKES, died 29 June 1925 aged 73.


54.   John son of John and Jane HILL, died 21 October 1848 (or 1818) aged 22.


55.   William GROVES of Walk Mills, died 15 May 1868 aged 71. Also Catherine GROVES, Russell Place, Cross Houses, his wife, died 20 December 1890 aged 87.


56.   Mary CHIDLEY, died 7 January 1870 aged 60. Also Edward of Picklescott, her husband died 24 April 1883 aged 73.


57.   Harriet MANSELL, died 9 February 1955 aged 70. Also Arthur, her husband, died 4 March 1958 aged 75. Also Arthur John Harold MANSELL died 28 May 1970 aged 53.


58.   John MORRIS of Picklescott, born 8 April 1885 died 21 March 1962. Also Minnie Eliza, his wife, born 29 September 1890, died 15 March 196?.


59.   Arthur Edward OAKLEY 1884 – 1965. Also Agnes Ruth his wife, 1882 – 1972.


60.   Jeffery WALKER, M.C. 1894 – 1941. Also Katherine Scott Harlan WALKER his wife 1898 – 1983.


61.   Gary son of Jim & Sandra MORRIS, The Sallins, born 24.9.1967 died 19.9.1982 aged 14.


62.   Denis DAVIES 1926-1947, son of Norah Ruth DAVIES 1896-1970, and Thomas William DAVIES 1895-1987.


63.   Alec Richard MORRIS ‘Tex’ 1923 –1986. Also Winifred Emmeline his mother 1899-1986.


64.   Susannah DAVIES died 2 May 1956 aged 77. Also Charles her husband died 7 December 1956 aged 79. Also Alfred Henry DAVIES died 6 may 1942 aged 32. Also Violet Phillis EDWARDS died 3 October 1945 aged 34.


65.   Thomas H MANSELL 1889-1972. Also Ruth his wife 1884 –1972


66.   Sidney EVANS died 12 November 1958 (No age). Also Frances May, his wife died 24 December 1974 aged 77.


67.   Howard Nelson WYKE 1913-1982


68.   Thomas MORRIS died 20 August 1970 aged 84. Also Lily his wife, died 11 August 1975 aged 87.


69.   Edwin James MANSELL died 20 March 1964 aged 61.


70.   Alfred Henry COOKSON of Smethcote Farm, died 30 December 1974, aged 77. Also Gertrude Annie his wife died 9 November 1975 aged 73.


71.   Thomas William HILL died 15 March 1975 aged 55.


72.   Thomas Herbert COOKSON died 13 June 1978 aged 85. Also Florence his wife died 24 September 1980 aged 85.


73.   Francis John MIDDLETON 1912-1980


74.   Albert William PARRY, husband and father, died 9 October 1980 aged 82. Also Elsie his wife, died 23 July 1985 aged 86.


75.   Thomas H PARKINSON, brother, died 14 January 1982 aged 63.


76.   William Thomas EDWARDS, born 5 July 1899 died 16 March 1982. Also Edith Emma EDWARDS his sister born 27 November 1895 died 18 November 1987.


77.   Rev. William Robert BLACKETT MA Cambs, Rector of this Parish 1896-1929 died 29 September 1940. Also Lavinia his wife, died 27 August 1940 27 August 1940. Also Lieut. Charles Robert BLACKETT, killed in the Great War 19 February 1915.


78.   Eliza WILLIAMS nee PREECE, died 7 September 1951 aged 72. Also Albert WILLIAMS, relief Stationmaster, died 18 March 1966 aged 87.


79.   John Henry MANSELL, The Hollies, Ryton, died 11 February 1954 aged 61. Also Agnes Rebecca MANSELL died 12 June 1977 aged 86.


80.   John MANSELL died 10 October 1955 aged 88. Also Mary Ellen his wife, died 24 December 1955 aged 84.


81.   Thomas Richard PUGH, Homestead, Picklescote, died 1 November 1956 aged 79. Also George PUGH his brother, died 16 November 1958 aged 78.


82.   Eva Catherine PUGH died 19 February 1962 aged 79. Also William PUGH died 3 March 1966 aged 86.


83.   Annie DEAN 22.1.1911 – 22.7.1984


84.   Kathleen Angela MUNSLOW died 3 December 1932 aged 2 months.


85.   John Richard MUNSLOW died 9 April 1941 aged 45.


86.   Alfred MANSELL, died 19 December 1933 aged 76.


87.   Albert PARRY died 1 November 1934 aged 64. Also Harriet PARRY died 31 May 1943 died 31 May 1943 aged 67.


88.   Elizabeth Annie JARRETT died 2 July 1935 aged 41. Also Elizabeth JARRETT her mother died 3 April 1942 aged 75.


89.   Walter Thomas SOUTHAM died 3 July 1938 aged 81. Also Eleanor Mary his wife, died 9 May 1942 aged 75.


90.   Sarah Ann EDWARDS died 25 November 1938 aged 67. Also Henry Clement, her husband died 6 April 1952 aged 82.


91.   Emily HOTCHKISS of Sallins, Picklescott died 3 July 1938 aged 62. Also Robert, her husband died 23 May 1947 aged 64.


92.   Jane MORGAN, Schoolhouse, Smethcote, died 17 December 1939 aged 89.


93.   Margaret, wife of W MIDDLETON of Liverpool, died 5 August 1954 aged 70. Also Pte. W H MIDDLETON, RMLI (Harry her eldest son killed in the Great War, 8 October 1918 aged 19. Also William MIDDLETON her husband, died 15 March 1952 aged 83.  

94.    Martha Ellen TIPTON (Nellie) sister died 23 July 1954 aged 56. Also Caroline Annie MIDDLETON, sister, died 29 August 1976 aged 81.


95.   Alfred James PLANT, died 18 October 1941 aged 32. Also Elizabeth his wife, died 12 April 1967 aged 57.


96.   Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Edward and Susannah CHIDLEY, Hall Farm, Picklescott, born 22 April 1866, died 7 January 1944.


97.   Edward CHIDLEY, born 7 February 1869, died 5 February 1944. Also Sarah, his wife died 24 April 1957 aged 91.


98.   Mary Ann JARRETT, died 7 December 1949 aged 73.


99.   Eliza MUNSLOW of Picklescote, died 11 April 1946 aged 93. Also Richard her husband, died 4 May 1950 aged 80.


100. Elizabeth Annie PARRY, died 27 February 1947 aged 76. Also Walter Middleton PARRY, died 4 March 1952 aged 87.


101. Mathew John PARRY, beloved husband and father, died 17 May 1982 aged 77.


102.  Harriet Henrietta FLETCHER, wife of Thomas FLETCHER DCM, born 8 January 1892, died 5 June 1951.


103. John EDWARDS, died 1 February 1952 aged 88. Also Emma his wife, died 26 April 1956 aged 87.


104. William Richard DAVIES, died 26 April aged 55.


105.William MIDDLE, died 8 March 1966 aged 81. Also Annie his wife, died 16 March 1966 aged 77.


106.Mary Alice DAVIES, died 20 March 1949 aged 78. Also William Richard, her husband died 2 August 1959 aged 90. Also their daughters Lila, died 24 July 1938 aged 31, and Beatrice, died 2 February 1909 aged 4.


107.Thomas PARKINSON, died 9 June 1960 aged 72. Also Edith Adeline, his wife, died 2 February 1966 aged 82.


108. Margaret Nellie MIDDLETON, died 24 November 1955.


109. Ethel Olive DAVIES, Manor Farm, Stapleton, died 30 August 1949, aged 58. Also David Thomas, her husband, died 23 November 1979 aged 92.



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